Support the WSCF Program Work

Dear Senior Friends,

Warm greetings from WSCF! It is with deep appreciation for your long-standing support that I reach out to you today.

The World Student Christian Federation has a rich history of forming and uniting youth and students worldwide, embracing diversity, and practicing ecumenical principles. Our mission is rooted in the pursuit of justice, international solidarity, human dignity, and the care of the creation.

The recent WSCF 37th General Assembly (GA) reminded us of the profound impact we can collectively make on the world. The following themes - programmatic areas were discerned and approved by the GA: Climate and Economic Justice; Youth, Peace, and Security - Peacebuilding; Democracy, Human Rights, and Fundamentalisms; Identity, Diversity, Dialogue, and Gender Justice; and Youth Ecumenical Leadership.

To address these themes and make a lasting impact, WSCF will implement a range of strategies that cut across our programs: Biblical Theological Reflection; Youth Mobilization and Participation; Advocacy and Solidarity; Capacity Building and Strengthening of Movements. These strategies are the cornerstone of our work with youth and students worldwide for the upcoming years.

The programs are at the forefront of addressing pressing global issues, such as the urgency of climate and economic justice, or the uprising of fundamentalisms worldwide that challenge the human rights agenda advances, and the continued work on peacebuilding and gender equity. By including these themes in our daily activities, we can make a real difference in the lives of students and their communities worldwide, demonstrating our commitment to justice, international solidarity, and human dignity.

In addition, our mission intends to empower the current generation of students, through the new program Youth Ecumenical Leadership. WSCF believes that by equipping young leaders within Student Christian Movements (SCMs) and ecumenical groups, we empower them to become advocates for change both within their communities, churches, and beyond.

How can you make a difference?

1. Financial support for the new programmatic plan implementation

Your financial support enables us to carry out our programs and work plan effectively. We rely on the contributions of senior friends and supporters like you to continue our work for Climate and Economic Justice, Peace-Building, Human Rights, Gender Justice, and Youth Ecumenical Leadership.

Every contribution plays a crucial role in advancing our mission. Your support will directly impact young individuals and student communities worldwide striving to create a more just and sustainable future. The following are the means by which you can support us:

  • Bank: Banque Cantonale de Genève
  • Account: World Student Christian Federation
  • Address: 150 route de Ferney – PO.Box 2100
    1211 Geneva 2 - Switzerland
  • Account Number: CH95 0078 8000 L079 0081 1

2. Get involved! Join Seniors Friend Network

The Senior Friend Gathering held at our last GA proposed to strengthen the Senior Friend Network, in order to involve more friends and increase the impact of intergenerational cooperation at the federation. For that, we need your active involvement/participation at your local or regional senior friend body. We invite senior friends to promote it if there is no active network. You can contact us and your Regional Secretary to follow up on this.

3. WSCF Virtual Seasonal Gala – Save the Date in December!

We are thrilled to invite our Senior Friends, WSCF supporters, sister organizations, and students to join a Virtual WSCF Gala hosted by WSCF to be held in the second week of December. WSCF will soon confirm the date for this Virtual Gala!

During the gala, we will:

  • Share our program work plan that the staff and WSCF bodies have been developing after the General Assembly for the next 4 to 6 years. We have been working hard to make our programs even better, and we can't wait to show the results and;
  • Introduce you to the new WSCF Global Staff Team. They are in charge of keeping everything running smoothly.

We thank you for your solidarity and commitment to our shared values. Together, we can make a significant difference in the lives of countless students and young people, as well as in the present and future of the ecumenical movement.

Warmest Regards,

Marcelo Leites

General Secretary
World Student Christian Federation

Buenos Aires, September 26th, 2023

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