The WSCF has launched the “Give One, Be One” campaign to generate needed funds to keep the full operations of the WSCF to develop a new level of stability and sustainability.

WSCF-Europe conference in Ireland October 2017WSCF-Europe conference in Ireland, October 2017


The difference between this outreach and all others in the Federation’s history is that there is a serious intention to bring the Campaign into the life of all member Student Christian Movements (SCMs), whereby all the student members will be invited to contribute a small amount each year to the Federation.

The idea is simple: If all students and Senior Friends of the Federation contribute a minimum of “1”, something that they can afford, each year, there will be more than enough funds for the operations and activities of the Federation at all levels: global, regional, national, and local; there will then be an increased understanding that we are “1” and a new level of unity and ownership of the Federation, and inter-dependence among the SCMs and students worldwide.


You may give a one-time donation or make yours a continuing contribution. Simply click the button below.

Your support is important
Check out with PayPal
or via credit / debit card


If you prefer, you can also send a cheque made out to the World Student Christian Federation and post it to the Inter-Regional Office's address, or pay via direct electronic transfer to our bank account:
ACCOUNT : LO790.08.11
BANK : Banque Cantonale de Genève
Please also send us an email or written note describing the purpose of your payment and letting us know the transfer has come from you. This allows us to trace the transfer, thank you and issue the receipt, and use your gift for exactly its intended purpose. Do contact us for any inquiries you may have.

Give One Be One

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