IWD Liturgies

March 8th is known as International Women’s Day across the nations. It is a day of hope, a day of courage, of celebration for women who fought for equality, justice and peace.

WSCF IWD 2017IWD 2017
"Hospitality Towards Stranger: Remembering
and Standing in Solidarity with the Refugees"
(prepared by WSCF Asia-Pacific)

The International Women’s Day is also a time to reflect on progress made, to call for change and to celebrate acts of courage and determination by ordinary women who have played an extraordinary role in the history of their countries and communities.

The United Nations (UN) has marked March 8th as a day for Women’s Rights and International Peace since 1977. The UN has mentioned that until now nowhere in the world women can claim to have all the same rights and opportunities as men despite much progress to protect and promote women’s right have been made in these days. 

Student World

Student World is an annual academic journal produced by an inter-regional WSCF editorial team and published by the IRO. It focuses on critical perspectives from the world of theology, spirituality, politics and student concerns.

In 2003 WSCF took on the adventure of restarting Student World as its global journal after a break of almost forty years. From 1908 till the end of the 1960s Student World had been WSCF's main printed forum for expressing its concerns and ideas. When Student World stopped going to print in the 1970s, the WSCF Book Series continued the role of publishing analysis of current themes and ideas from the worldwide federation.

    Student World Issue 250/2006
"Gender: Christians, Empire and Basileia"
The sixteen articles in this edition are grouped under the categories of Spirituality of the Cross, Empire and Humanity, Foretaste of Ecumenism, Engagement and Discipleship and Prayer and Eucharist.
  Student World Issue 249/2005pdf
"Gender: Unity and Empowerment"
  Student World Issue 248/2004
"Fullness of Life: Life in Abundance"
The theme comes from the story of Jesus raising Jairus' daughter from death to life in Mark 5:41, where Christ says to the child, 'Talitha Cum - Little girl, get up!'
  Student World Issue 247/2003
"Powers and Principalities"
This issue explores the idea of power with all its positive and negative qualities. Essays and articles focus on the connections between Christian faith and political power and between divine powers and the principalities of darkness. 

WSCF Global Book Series

The Inter-Regional Office regularly produces new titles on faith in action for its global book series. Books in this series are usually published around the annual themes of the federation and source their material from university student participants and expert resource people involved in WSCF inter-regional programmes.

Content are sourced from various academic fields related to their theme, Bible studies, theological and political analysis of the theme and regional or national reflections on how thematic issues impact on students and their societies in different parts of the world.

WSCF Bible studies

Bible studies from WSCF events or global programmes. Bible studies are also published in Student World and WSCF books from the Global Book Series.

WSCF reflections

Sermons and reflections delivered at WSCF events. Reflections are also published in Student World and WSCF books from the Global Book Series.

WSCF study materials

Study materials from WSCF events or programmes. Study materials are also published in Student World and WSCF books from the Global Book Series.

National and regional publications

In addition to the publications listed here, many national movements publish regular newsletters and occasional books of study material, liturgies and conference papers.

Two of the WSCF regions publish book series on theological and political issues and regular regional magazines. The Asia-Pacific Region publishes a yearly magazine entitled Praxis and occasional books on themes being addressed by the region. WSCF Europe publishes a twice-yearly ecumenical journal entitled Mozaik. The WSCF Central European Sub-region publishes a series of books on theological and movement related issues. Visit the other regional sites to check the publications they produce.

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