Vigil for those killed during the protestsVigil for those killed during the protests. Lima. Photo taken by Steve Warren Privat Pérez, member of SCM Perú.

pdfWSCF Statement in Solidarity with Peru
pdfDeclaración FUMEC ALC en solidaridad con Perú

Peru is experiencing an escalation of violence carried out by the coup d'état of Dina Boluarte. Since the dismissal of Pedro Castillo as President of Peru on December 7, the people have taken the streets demanding new elections, the resignation of the current government, the Constituent Assembly and the release of Castillo.

As the World Student Christian Federation for Latin America and the Caribbean, we denounce the abuses and violations of International Law and Human Rights in Peru where the police repress and shoot to kill those who have come out to protest in different cities throughout the country. As a result, there are more than 50 deaths and hundreds of detainees without any justification, some of the latter accused of being terrorists.

Women sitting in front of a line of policemen as protestWomen sitting in front of a line of policemen as protest. Lima. Photo taken by Steve Warren Privat Pérez, member of SCM Perú.On Saturday, January 21, police officers entered the University of San Marcos, in order to arrest protesters from different regions of the country, who were housed inside the campus while they participated in the mobilizations in Lima. There, they have thrown tear gas bombs and fired shots. Not only have they been detained, but they have been thrown to the ground and humiliated. Some are missing.

We offer our support and prayers to the youth, students and Senior Friends of the Student Christian Movement in Peru; to the ecumenical organizations, social movements and churches with which we have shared the path along the way; to each person of that neighbor country that suffers, resists and fights for their rights.

We make a call for solidarity to the international community to raise together our voices and prophetic actions in favor of justice for Peruvians in order to stop the repression, murders and detentions without any legal guarantee. We ask the United Nations Organization and the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Volker Türk, to act duly by taking the corresponding political actions so that life is respected and protected as the supreme good of citizens in Peru.

May the God of the poor, oppressed, violated, murdered, detained and of each person who suffers from injustice give us the strength and courage to fight tirelessly until there is true and total peace for all.

Marcelo Leites
WSCF General Secretary

Dianet de la C. Martínez Valdés
Regional Secretary WSCF LAC

January 21, 2023

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