Financial Management Capacity Building Workshop

A Capacity Building Workshop on Financial Management was held on September 14 as part of the broader capacity-building initiatives within the WSCF's political and executive bodies. The training was guided by Triayu Kodrat, Finance Officer of Kerk in Actie, a partner of the WSCF, Jean-Luc De La Soujeole, outgoing Finance Officer of the WSCF, and Marcelo Leites, WSCF General Secretary.

Financial Management Capacity Building Workshop2Since 2021, the World Student Christian Federation has undergone significant changes in its leadership, including the election of a new general secretary, new officers, new executive committee (exco) members, new committee members, and recently, regional staff members.

One of the key outcomes of the 37th WSCF General Assembly held in Berlin in 2022 was the decision to work on a new Federative Covenant. This covenant aims to establish best practices for the international federation and develop appropriate systems for mutual solidarity and transparency among all WSCF regions and bodies. The workshop was the first training of a capacity-building process that goes in line with the GA mandate and follows the needs raised in the Finance Committee Meetings of 2022 and 2023.

At the end of the workshop, a special recognition was made to Jean Luc's 10 years of service as the WSCF finance officer.

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