Webinar to commemorate International Women's Day

Leading with Inclusion IWD webinar

The World Student Christian Federation, in collaboration with the Student Christian Movement of Indonesia (GMKI), hosted a landmark webinar to commemorate International Women's Day, underlining the theme “Leading with Inclusion: Empowering Women Leaders at the Forefront.”

The objective of this global dialogue was to discuss the barriers women face in leadership and strategies to overcome them, particularly within patriarchal societies. It emphasized the critical need for supportive networks to foster gender inclusivity. The event was attended by more than 70 participants from over 5 countries.

Leading with Inclusion IWD webinarModerated by Jessica Esther, a member of GMKI, the event was a confluence of insights from leaders across the globe, including Ebere Ubesie, WSCF Honorary Treasurer and President of SCM Nigeria, who shared her journey of faith and empowerment, advocating for the inclusion of women in all spheres of life. Angelica Tostes, a member of SCM Brazil, she highlighted the systemic challenges in Latin America from violence against women to the exclusionary practices in theological discourse, advocating for a decolonized and inclusive approach towards understanding Christian tradition.

The webinar also focused on personal narratives of navigating leadership roles, shared by Henriette Greulich, WSCF Europe Chairperson and Yowanda Yonggara, Regional Secretary WSCF Asia Pacific and Global Program Coordinator of Identity, Diversity, Dialogue and Gender Justice. These stories brought to light the everyday and institutional challenges women face, from gender discrimination to the struggle for recognition and the constant fight against societal constraints and expectations.

An open discussion was led by Jessica, which allowed participants like Sharon to share their experiences with patriarchal discrimination and seek advice on overcoming such challenges. This segment underscored the importance of solidarity, mentorship, and collective action in combating gender bias and empowering women leaders.

Key takeaways from the webinar included the call for continuous advocacy for women's rights, building robust support systems, and improving access to education for women.


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