WSCF -- WSCF-AfricaAre you looking for a dynamic student ministry opportunity? Do you have experience in program development, networking and managing budgets and teams from faith-based organisations, building trust and empowering the next generation of leaders? Do you have passion for working with young people for justice and peace and working within the global cultural and Christian/faith based context?

This is a global role with programmatic focus on Africa. You will be a part of the global team delivering programs together with other Executives in other parts of the world (based in Indonesia, Europa, Lebanon, Argentina, USA). At the same time, you will support our member movements in Africa, working closely with the Regional Committee, the International Regional Office, and long term partners.

The World Student Christian Federation (WSCF) is a global federation of student Christian groups. WSCF is ecumenical – welcoming people from all Christian traditions and encouraging dialogue between students of different traditions. As a federation of student movements, the WSCF empowers and connects responsible young leaders around the world in their path to changing tomorrow. We encourage a culture of democracy to mobilize youth to become proactive in society, promoting positive change through dialogue and action between different traditions and cultures. WSCF connects two million members in over 90 countries, having over one hundred affiliated national movements which span the six WSCF regions: Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America and Caribbean, Middle East and North America.

Application details: complete this APPLICATION FORM with your CV and motivation letter.

Start date: June-July 2023, as per agreement
Location: remote role, with offices in Kenya and Malawi
Salary range: WSCF is an equity employer

Deadline: 20 May 2023

Looking forward to meeting you!
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Job Description

Regional Executive for Africa


The Regional Executive is responsible for coordination, managing, supporting, organizing and expanding WSCF activities globally and regionally, according to the WSCF Constitution and By-laws. S/he is to act on recommendations of the Executive and Regional Committee respecting local laws.

The Regional Executive for Africa will work with the Student Christian Movements (SCMs) and cooperate with the Regional Chair and Executive Committee members, to ensure that the mission of the Federation/WSCF-Africa is fulfilled through programs and strategic planning.


Executive Committee and WSCF-Africa Regional Committee


  1. Thorough understanding of the Christian faith and the ecumenical movement in the Africa region;
  2. Deep understanding of role of the Federation of the region;
  3. Understanding of the role of SCMs within the ecumenical movement in the region
  4. Deep understanding of the socio-political situation in the region; and
  5. Proved affiliation/association within an SCM in the region (Preferably)


4.1 Program Planning, Implementation and Monitoring

  1. Prepare Project Proposals;
  2. Plan, coordinate and implement global programs and projects based on the mandate and general policy guidelines formulated by the General Assembly and Executive Committee;
  3. Plan, coordinate and implement the regional programs as mandated by the General Assembly, Executive Committee and Regional Committee; and
  4. Work in collaboration with the General Secretary and other Program & Regional Chairperson and Executive Committee to prepare and produce the Strategic plan of the Federation

4.2 Finance

  1. Fundraise for the strategic plan of the Federation as well as for the regional programs;
  2. Prepare financial plans, budgets, and actual expenditure reports (for all projects) in the region;
  3. Prepare budgeting and reporting in standardized format as developed by the IRO; and
  4. Carry out Audited Report of the Regional Office

4.3 Administration

  1. Report to the Inter-Regional Office, Executive Committee, and the Regional Committee on administration and finances as required;
  2. Adhere to the recommendations and decisions of the Regional Committee;
  3. Keep updated files of all regional activities in manual and digital forms;
  4. Keep updated administrative and financial records;
  5. Oversee the hiring process for, and manage, employees, interns and volunteers in the regional office; and
  6. Ensure a smooth and orderly handover to the next Regional Executive at the end of her/his term

4.4 Communication

  1. Relay information from the Inter-Regional Office to the national movements in the region;
  2. Facilitate communication between national movements, regional committees, Executive Committee, Inter-Regional Office, and other regional offices;
  3. Relay information between youth movements and non-governmental organizations within the region;
  4. Ensure efficient communication with Senior Friends in the region;
  5. Ensure production of the narrative and financial report for the Red Book and all other reports of the region and their dissemination;
  6. Publicize the work, activities of the organizations, its programs and mission; and
  7. Ensure the operation and updating of the WSCF-Africa Region website and all WSCF-Africa Region pages on social media (Facebook, Instagram, …)

4.5 Governance

  1. Organize the regular regional statutory meetings as set in the regional by-laws;
  2. Work with the Executive & Regional Committee Members in order to fulfill the mission and goals of the Federation;
  3. Provide to the Executive and Regional Committee Members, in a timely and accurate manner, all the information and materials necessary for them to make informed decisions; and
  4. Uphold and promote the traditions/backgrounds of the SCMS and the region; and the Regional Committee recommendations and applying them in all work aspects

4.6 Networking and Partnership Building

  1. Interpret and articulate the vision and work of the Federation to churches, regional ecumenical bodies, partners, and like-minded fellow organizations;
  2. Establish and maintain relationships with various organizations and utilize those relationships strategically to enhance WSCF’s Mission;
  3. Ensure legal recognition of the operation of the Organization in the hosting Country; and
  4. Participate in local governmental and non-governmental functions, conferences, or seminars in the Region to present WSCF Advocacy work

Job Requirement


  • At least 3 years of successful program development, leadership and implementation
  • Team management in both physical and a digital spaces
  • Budget and fundraising experience
  • Leadership experience


  • Mandatory knowledge of the background, vision and mission of WSCF
  • Knowledge of ecumenism and ecumenical networks and trends in Africa and the world;
  • Knowledge of Christian/faith based/ youth/NGO organisations
  • Knowledge of donor fundings - EU/global/national/other
  • Minimum Bachelor's degree


  • Excellent spoken and written English
  • a knowledge of french will be an added advantage
  • Very good written and verbal communication skills
  • Relationship building skills
  • Good at working as part of a team
  • Stakeholder management and partnership building skills
  • Sound judgement
  • Highly organised
  • Understanding of legal accounting requirements
  • Ability to work in and with diverse environments and cultures
  • Be willing to travel regularly across the region and beyond
  • Ability to support and monitor other employees, ensuring their personal wellbeing, growth and contribution to the organisation
  • Ability to oversee a wide range of projects and committees, and to facilitate dialogue and the development of a common purpose

Personal qualities and attributes

  • Christian
  • Passion for justice and peace
  • Integrity
  • Stress resistant
  • Flexibility
  • Professionalism
  • Emotional intelligence/empathy
  • Self-motivated
  • Positive attitude

Other: Age does not exceed 40 at the time of the application.